AACE: Association of Asian American Construction Enterprises

Who is AACE: 

AACE connects, supports and gives voice to Asian American businesses in the contracting and engineering industries in Illinois. We advocate with and for Asian Americans and other minority organizations to ensure access, opportunity and growth.

History of AACE:

In 2019, AACE re-emerged as a pan-Asian member organization to foster a better understanding of issues facing the Asian Engineering and Contracting community. Founded in 1989, AACE has fought to ensure Asian American member organization have a seat at the table for opportunities afforded to minority construction and engineering businesses. AACE was instrumental in ensuring Asian-owned firms remained recognized by the City of Chicago in its minority and women-owned programs.



The mission of the Association of Asian American Construction Enterprises is to increase opportunities for Asian American owned companies in the construction and engineering industries by being an advocate, and providing a forum and information resource for its membership.

Today, AACE is an organization that:

  • Foster a sense of community among Asian American Business Owners
  • Encourages and support more Asian American participation in local state and federal government
  • Provides research and develop policy positions to protect Asians in the M&D programs, and
  • Encourages more Asian business ownership

Goals: We want a seat at the table

While some members of our community have achieved great success, many still struggle.  As a community that has faced discrimination and overcome barriers, we know how important it is to work together with other minority communities to ensure we support, protect and respect each other.  

Advocacy:  AACE aims to ensure Pan Asian American firms and organizations are afforded the same rights and respect as other socially disadvantaged groups. 

Who are Asian Americans?

Asian Americans are incredibly diverse.  We come from over 30 countries and speak over 60 languages.  Together, we make up 7 percent of the population.  And we are the fastest growing population in the state. And while we have strong communities in Chinatown and Uptown in Chicago, Asian Americans are part of communities throughout Illinois.

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